Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have doctors on call?

There are no doctors…although each participant is free to utilize his or her established medical and community resources. We are peer run within the house and we are part of the County of Santa Cruz Mental Health Services system of care.

Can I come to Second Story instead of the hospital?

We are not an alternative to locked psychiatric facility. We are here to offer an alternative to the crisis itself. We are creating a place for people who are looking to do something different than the disruptive cycle of waiting for things to get so bad that they get admitted to the hospital. We strive to create an opportunity for a new way of dealing with difficult times, through conversation, and participation in a community of peers.

How do I get referred to Second Story House?

Second Story accepts self referrals only. Please call us at the house to confirm eligibility and set up a time to complete a proactive interview (this serves as an opportunity for potential guest and house staff to get to know each other). We keep this interview on file and when you feel like it might be beneficial for you to come stay at the house.

Who can come to Second Story?

To stay at Second Story you must be a user of Santa Cruz County Mental Health Services (please call us to confirm eligibility). You must have permanent verifiable housing. You must be over 18. You may not be on Megan’s List.

Does it cost to stay at Second Story?

No, not at this time, as the house is currently being funded by a federal grant to evaluate peer support services.