How Long Will It Take For Carpet To Dry After A Professional Cleaning?

Carpet To Dry After A Professional Cleaning

These days, one of the most curious questions that carpet owners ask is “how long will it take my carpet to dry after a professional cleaning?

Well, let’s start answering that question by saying, it depends. Many factors can cause your carpet to take longer to dry.

Here, we’ll not only be explaining all these reasons to you, but we’ll also be telling you how to remedy the situation. So, if you want to find out, stay glued to this post and don’t stop reading.

Reasons Why Your Carpet May Take Longer to Dry

Carpet May Take Longer to Dry

1. Carpet Cleaning Method

The professional cleaning method used is always the biggest factor affecting how long your carpet takes to dry. After that, the skill level of your service technician is next. If you use the hot water extraction method or the steam cleaning as it is sometimes called, the only drawback you’re likely to face is drying time.

The fundamental principle behind steam cleaning is the use of heated water to rinse the soil out of carpets. Steam cleaning is a carpet cleaning method that most large carpet manufacturers recommend. The method is required if the stain and wear warranties on the carpet they sell must be maintained.

Now, the thing about using water to rinse out soil from a carpet is that you’re going to be left with an extremely damp carpet. No matter how strong the vacuum of being used is, you just can’t get all the moisture out at once. As such, your carpet will take a while to dry up.

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However, you don’t necessarily have to wait for the whole 6 to 12 hours, which it’ll take the carpet to dry up completely. Luckily, you can opt to speed up the process by opening up your windows and turning your fans on to provide some extra airflow.

On the other hand, if you apply a dry cleaning system where you don’t necessarily have to pour water all over your carpet, your carpet will have a much shorter drying time. Maybe around 2-4 hours.

Though what this approach essentially entails is a tip- of-the-fiber, surface cleaning, you’ll still have a clean looking carpet. And you won’t be waiting for too long.

2. Experience of The Carpet Cleaning Technician

This is the number 2 biggest factor that affects how long a carpet takes to dry. It takes dexterity and adequate experience to clean a carpet and do it the right way. Therefore, the training that your service technician has acquired does play a great role in how satisfactory your carpet drying time is.

For example, only a skilled cleaner is able to unsuccessfully clean a carpet using just the right amount of water without leaving it soaking wet in the end. Only a dedicated and well-trained professional spends time to vacuum off the excess water so the carpet can dry up on time. Inexperienced cleaners, on the other hand, can cause serious havoc to your carpet and leave it soaking wet after a cleanup.

Therefore, it is best you hire professional technicians when finding a professional cleaning service for your carpet. It’ll save you some precious time and unnecessary stress over an overly soaked carpet.

3. How Humidity Affects Carpet Drying Time

This last factor, humidity, happens to be something no professional cleaner has control over. Still, it is capable of affecting a carpet’s drying time in no small way. Because a wet carpet dries up by way of evaporation, the humidity of the environment plays a vital role in how quickly the drying process is.

To get the wetness in your carpet out, moisture has to evaporate from it into the air. However, this cannot happen if the air in the atmosphere is dryer than the carpet itself.

So, if you’re stuck with an extremely humid condition, it’ll be quite hard for the air to absorb moisture. Consequently, your carpet will take longer to dry.

It is because of this that we recommend that you open up your windows so air can come in and go out freely. This will help the carpet dry up faster.

4 Steps You Can Take To Quicken the Carpet Drying Process

1. Make sure that your carpet undergoes professional cleaning regularly. Why? Because the longer it goes without being cleaned, the heavier the soil load in it is likely to be.

Meanwhile, the heavier the soil load, the more water and effort the carpet will require to become clean again. Ultimately, this culminates into a longer drying time.

2. If you feel like it, you could request that your professional uses either a blower or fan to dry up your carpet.

3. Ensure that all your windows are ajar for easy flow of air and fast drying.

4. Switch on your ceiling fans. This will keep air circulating over your carpet and make it dry quicker.

5. Turn your air-conditioning on as well, especially on colder days. Opening windows is not usually the best option when the weather is cold.

Other Important Tips

For safety’s sake, exercise caution as you walk on a wet carpet, especially if it transitions to another floor surface like tile or vinyl. They can get very slippery, and you’ll want to avoid any accident as much as you can.

Besides, walking on a damp carpet is not a good idea as you may end up re-soiling it, thus defeating the whole reason for getting it cleaned in the first place.

If you are going to clean yourself you must focus on the type of carpet cleaner you are going to use. You can read this guide published on vacuumcleaners4u, to learn more about what are the best carpet cleaners in the market.

Also, you may want to ask your cleaner for a pair of protective shoe covers. Make sure to wear the shoe covers while walking on your drying carpet. Most top-notch, professional cleaning companies have a supply of them which they give to their clients for this very purpose.

Conclusion: In summary, how long your carpet takes to dry is dependent on a number of factors. However, your carpet will need around 6 to 12 hours on average to dry up. This is assuming a hot water extraction method was used to clean it.

If your carpet undergoes a dry cleaning method, it’ll only require 2-4 hours to dry. We hope this information help a lot as you set out to clean your carpet.

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