Dirt Devil Belt Replacement Instructions

dirt devil belt

Dirt Devil Vacuums are one of the most popular vacuums today. They come in different forms—steam cleaners, carpet sweepers or even hand-held vacuums (they can be corded or cordless both). You can read more about cordless handheld vacuums on Vacuumcleaners 4U.

Anyway, Apart from emptying the vacuums’ dirt bag, there’s little else you need to do maintain them.

However, one of the commonest problems about this sweepers is that the belt breaks, thus preventing the brush from rotating.

If you want to know how to replace your dirt devil vacuum belt, then you’ve come to the right place. Grab a screwdriver and let’s start.

Step 1: You shouldn’t start anything without removing the vacuum’s power cord from the power source first. Lower the top part of the vacuum by pressing down the handle lock button. Turn the dirt devil to face up

Step 2: Now, you should already have your vacuum upside down. Using your screwdriver, unscrew the five screws on the bottom guard. You will find one screw at each of the front corners of the guard. You’ll find the rest at the back left corner of the guard. When you’re done with this, put the guard aside.

Step 3: Next, take the two ends of the Roller brush. This is located at the front of the cleaner. Pull it up to detach the belt from the rest of the roller. Usually, you will find that if the belt is broken, the brush too will pull out with ease.

Step 4: To remove the old belt, merely shift it to the left and slip it off the motor shaft. Ensure that you find any broken rubber pieces if the belt happens to be broken. The rubber pieces will be inside the sweeper. Now that you have removed the old belt – discard it.

Step 5: Now, set the end of your replacement belt over the motor shaft which is close to the rear wheel of the vacuum. Afterwards, place the end of the roller brush into the other end of the belt loop. Ensure that the belt settles between the bristles which are at the left end of the roller brush.

Step 6: To stretch the belt, make sure to pull the two ends of the roller brush and move it to the right position. Snapping the brush back into place will only entail that you press down on the brush ends. Use your hands to rotate the roller brush towards the front side of the vacuum so that the new belt can align well.

Step 7: Return the guard back into position, and fix the five screws back using your screwdriver.

Step 8: It’s time to turn your cleaner back over. Lift the handle to an upright position, plug your vacuum’s cord into a power source, switch it on, and test the repair.

How do You Know Your Vacuum Belt Needs to be replaced?

Since vacuum belts are connected to the brush roller and are germane to collecting dirt, your vacuum cannot work without it. Vacuum belts tend to stretch and lose its strength after being used over and over again. Because a stretched belt creates lesser tension on the brush roller, the brush roller will not turn at the rate and speed that it is supposed to. Of course, the result of this is that you’ll still have debris left on your carpet after vacuuming.

You need to first inspect your belt to check whether or not it is broken, overly stretched or damaged. So that your vacuum can perform optimally, it is advised that you replace the belt at least once in every three months. Make sure to do this even if the belt still seems to be in excellent condition. A vacuum belt that has lasted for three months is probably losing grip and putting a lot of strain on your cleaner.

Another way you can tell that your vacuum belt needs replacement is if your vacuum starts sounding differently. If you notice that the brush roller isn’t spinning, then something is probably wrong with the belt.


Dirt devil vacuums are well known for their affordable models & they are suitable for small apartments.

The fact that your dirt devil vacuum belt isn’t working anymore is not an excuse to go dump your cleaner somewhere. If you’ve read this article and already know how to replace a dirt devil vacuum belt, why not try it out? You’ll have your vacuum working again in no time.

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