Know your Oscillating Multi Tool

Know your Oscillating Multi Tool

The Oscillating Multi Tool is a jack -of -all –device; with its multiple blade options every work concerning trimming, cutting, sanding or even scraping-can be done easily and proficiently.

Being a portable power tool, Oscillating Multi Tool is the new favorite of every workman, plumber, carpenter, contractor or designer. It can get the trickiest of the task done in no time.

If you are looking to cut through casts, for instance, it is one of the best bets. It just cuts through any hard surface like cake walk, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Why Would You Love It?

The Oscillating Multi Tool can cut through any surface, be it plastic, fiber, wood, metal, pipes- anything. While it cuts through the surface, it ensures whatever is beneath, is well preserved. So if the job demands to remove caulking from the boat, it will do so without harming the wood.

If you are looking to work in hard to reach areas, we suggest you to go in for the cordless version. If you have the right power cordless oscillating multi tool, you have nothing to worry about. It can significantly cut down your work time to half, if not more.

Plus, there are special blades designed every year for nearly every purpose that you can imagine. For instance, just last year we saw a specialty blade that could cut through deck boards on boat without harming the wood in any way – perfect if you are out in the sea and cannot compromise on the boat safety.

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And yet is not the whole story – you need your blades to be used with the oscillating multi tool, to enhance the life of the blade.

oscillating multi tool and bladesTop Things You Should Know About the Oscillating Multi Tool

Here’s what you should know about Oscillating Multi Tool:

Available in two models

The Oscillating Multi Tool comes in two models- 1.5 amp and 2.5 amp to match your need. If you want one for occasional use than 1.5 amp is apt for you but if you want to use it professionally than 2.5 amp would serve you better.

Available in Cord and Cordless

Depending upon the nature of work and job specimen one can buy corded or cordless. If the work space is constrained and hard to reach than cordless would be a better choice; if using for lengthy projects than the simple corded model would serve you better.

Multi Use Tool

As the name suggest, Oscillating Multi Tool can be used for various tasks. Along with cutting, one can use it for sandering, scraping, filing, polishing etc.

Constant Addition

New blades are continuously introduced to meet the new demands of the workforce. As more uses of the tool are perceived, more blades flood in.

Use rightly and lightly for its longevity.

Proficiency in handling the tool comes only with practice.

Master the art of using your Oscillating Multi Tool. Have you bought yours yet?

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