When To Invest On A Robot Lawn Mower

When To Invest On A Robot Lawn Mower

Are you looking to purchase a robot lawnmower? Then, you will also think about the benefits that you can get after investing in a heft amount. An automatic lawnmower gives you freedom from weekly lawn maintenance sessions. They can cut the grasses as per the schedule, even if you are not around. Its features are useful in some situations, but there are conditions wherein a robot mower cannot perform well. Let’s take those cases into account today.

When To Invest On A Robot Lawn Mower?

Positive Impacts of A Robot Mower

Automatic lawn mowerWe know the negatives, but there are several cases wherein an automatic lawn mower could be more than useful. Let’s talk about some of the examples.

Unattended sites: Do you own a holiday home? Or an alternative residence wherein you only appear once in a while. Choose a robotic mower that can automatically take care of the lawn grasses and go back to its pavilion.

Significant areas: You cannot cover some of the larger properties without using a manual without purchasing a more expensive ride-on mower. However, you can leave a robotic mower to cover the area without much interference or hard work.

Physically troubled users: You cannot walk around with a lawnmower if you are dealing with a bad back. If you are recovering from an accident, you can try a robot mower for convenient and effective results.

No grass management: You don’t have to collect any of the grass clippings after a robot mower is done with lawn maintenance. Such a machine cuts the grasses into tiny pieces and leaves them on the ground so that they can decompose and supply some of the crucial nutrition to the grasses.

Reliable: An autonomous mower starts at the scheduled time and does that needful irrelevant of the time or weather. Some of the models are also rain resistant. This means either they will work or come back to the charging station while it’s raining.

Time saver: None of the lawnmowers can compete with a robotic model in terms of time consumption. You cannot leave a manual, walk-behind, self-propelled, or ride on mower on its own. However, a robot mower will work even if you are not available around. It simply means that you can enjoy more spare time with your family or doing other household tasks.

Energy-efficient: Robotic mower consumes less electric power to recharge its battery. On the other hand, you need to continuously refill petrol propelled mower. Even if you are using a corded mower, it consumes a lot of electricity when compared with an autonomous mowing machine.

Soundless operation: None of us wants to deal with the irritating sound of a lawnmower. However, you would like the fact that robotic mowers are quiet and never operates beyond 60 decibels. So, none of your family members or neighbors would complain even if it’s working early in the morning or late-night.

Space savers: Robotic mowers are not very big and hence they are easy to store. You can leave them inside their charging station. No need to allot a specific space in your garage. You might try the garden shed, especially if it can keep the moisture out.

Negative Impacts of A Robot Mower

A robot mower has several advantages, but it’s not built to satisfy all the users or groups. If you own a small or medium-sized between 300 to 600 sq. meter, then it should not take more than 40 minutes to complete the lawn maintenance. You can do that 12 times every year without investing a big amount. Even if you need to cover an area up to 2, 000 sq. meter, you can deal with it using a walk-behind mower.

Next comes the installation time. All the robotic mowers need a perimeter wire set around the lawn or garden. You need to install it manually by burying the wire under the ground or pegging it to the fences. In other words, you might need to invest several hours to get an autonomous mower ready for its task.


Its summertime, so you might be looking for a lawn maintenance solution. Gong with a robotic mower is not a question of productivity or fast results. Saving your precious time is the primary idea here. So, you can choose a robotic mower depending upon the area it needs to cover, battery backup, and safety features.

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